this page is under the construction . .
wlc to crystal preserves town , a comfortable wif peaceful world ,
the owner of this town is chunn ,, a broken easily nd quite litlo girl . . ꒱꒱

8.26 : change home page .
9.9: finished making index.html

what is crystal preserves town? why is it called crystal preserves town? bc the
hearts of every townsman in this town are fragile, their's heart are made of a
small pretty thing similar to glass: crystal preserves nd some lily of the valley
dew tears wif milk lace, although they are vry weak, bt they have a common
kind heart . . ♡ so this is the so-called crystal candied fruit town nd please
treat every townsman from crystal preserves town kindly! at the same time,
don't forget to give your love to the world. i believe that everyone's love can
create a world as beautiful as crystal candied fruit town. let's work together!

꒰ ⚠︎ ꒱: all pictures and page layout of this website are made by myself.
do not use or steal without credits nd rmb : u su be kind nd pure .

name: chunn

age: 15




fav color: green n white

fav season: autumn n winter

fav animals: cat wif moth . . ♡

hewo,i'm a chinese. in this website, i use a translator to talk to people,i am an
introverted girl, i'm quite, i'm not vry talkative,so my social skills are poor. my
heart is very fragile nd broken easily. it's like it's made of glass. my dream is to
be the owner of a hand work shop, have a life surrounded by lovely things . . ♡

in my free time, i would program, bake, take care of flowers nd sew.i like doing
these things, they enrich my life . . ♡

my style aesthetic is biased towards the natural colors of the pale color system
with the theme of smol fresh ness and a tini elegance, bc i like nature and gardens,
the embroidery on my clothes will have some pure flowers, green vines, transparent
butterfly embroidery case nd   crystal color sweet heart . . nd some cute details:
translucent pale green gauze ruffles,white polka dot tulle,adorable jasmine ribbon . .

my fav comic character: